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Re: MicroATX Motherboard with 1.5-2GB Ram?

Hi Nick,

Unfortunately the Tyan boards in MicroATX don't seem to be available with
current chipsets.

Not sure why... :-/

This is a disappointment... i'm sure there must be SOME demand for 1.5G
Ram in these. I know that many chipsets do support 1.5G and 2G, but the
motherboard manufacturers only put on 2 slots, so you have 512M * 2 only.

Anyone find anything?


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From: "Nicolas Bouthors" <nbouthors@ghs.fr>
To: "Jason Lim" <maillist@jasonlim.com>
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2001 6:28 PM
Subject: Re: MicroATX Motherboard with 1.5-2GB Ram?

> > MicroATX motherboards make nice servers (small form factor, and
> > nearly everything conventional ATX motherboards have), but they SEEM
> > usually only have 2 DIMM slots (512Mx2=1024M max).
> Totaly agree !
> > Have you over come across one that has 3 DIMM slots... or some way to
> > to 1.5-2Gb RAM?
> Check out Tyan boards (www.tyan.com) we use S2518 here and it's great
> one is not MicroATX, but I do think they have some Micro ATX with 1.5Gb
> capacity
>     Yours,
>         Nico

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