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Re: Distributed Qmail Configuration

On Thu, Dec 13, 2001 at 07:43:19AM -0500, Gene Grimm wrote:
> Is there any information available anywhere about configuring Qmail for
> distributed mail delivery with one Qmail system receiving as the Mail
> eXchanger and relaying selective domains to specified remote Qmail POP
> servers?

Here's my take on this:

Machine X is your incoming mail receive machine that all the MX records
in your domains point towards.

On machine X, simply configure /etc/qmail/rcpthosts with the list of the
virtual domains you want to provide mail service for.

Now, the clever part :)

Staying on machine X, configure customised DNS zone-files with the IP
address of machine X acting as a backup mail server, and then simply
select the /real/ mail server that you wish to forward mail to as the

In this way, you can easily scale things to forward mail for any number
of machines, and also you can add additional incoming mail servers
whenever you like :)

The joy of this is that it should work with /any/ mail software, not
just qmail

I'm not sure if qmail's own QMTP delivery system can be used here, but
it would surely speed things up further :)

There are no doubt /much/ tidier ways of doing this - but that's how I
would do it.



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