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[ya@tiscali.be: autoreply: autoreply: autoreply: autoreply: RE: Debian GNU/Linux as email & DNS server]


Could you please delete this user's "I don't work here anymore"
message, as we received about 7 of them allready the last 5 minutes.

Problem is this: he gets a mail from an ISP mailinglist
(debian-isp@lists.debian.org), sends an autoreply back to list, which
ends up in his mailbox again. So he autoreplies on his own
autoreplies, which means a nice loop  ....


Kind Regards,

Frank Louwers
Openminds b.v.b.a.
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As of 1 july 2001, I am not longer working for Tiscali.
Please send your mail to jvandevelde@be.tiscali.com
For personal matters please contact youri@youri.be

Youri Albinovanus

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