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I was able to get the sourceforge installed on the site with the
sf-debian package (apt-get install sourceforge).
After I create a project, and then login as admin to approve the project
I get the error:
Warning: LDAP: Unable to bind to server: Invalid DN syntax in
/usr/lib/sourceforge/www/include/ldap.php on line 50

and my apache log is:
LDAP: Invalid DN syntax
	additional info: invalid DN
LDAP: Invalid DN syntax
	additional info: invalid DN

when I click on the approve button.

Has anyone gotten this error?
I did setup in libpam-ldap (note the .web domains, I have this on my
local LAN): 

* LDAP Server host:
* The distinguished name of the search base: dc=dev.uprint.web
* LDAP version to use: 3
* Make local root Database admin: Yes
* Database requires logging in: No
* Root login account: cn=admin,dc=dev.uprint.web
* Local crypt to use when changing passwords: crypt

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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