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Installing PPP 2.4.0


Sorry for the cross posting, but I am really stuck!

I am currently setting up my Debian machine to connect to my ADSL modem for
internet access. I have had everything working before, but I am having
problems this time with the PPP daemon!

I am trying to install the ppp-2.4.0 tarball, but after I have extracted it
I have gone into the directory and executed:


... then ran a:


but, when compiling the pppoatm.c file, it has complained about not finding
the atm.h file in the /usr/src/linux/include directory. After checking there
indeed is not an atm.h file there. However, there are no atm.h files on my
system that will work!

Anybody any ideas how to get it working, or to find the right atm.h file?




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