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Re: virtual hosting methods

As of 1.3.22 it reads everything .file and file~ :( Easy to fix but aint
got no time nor interest.

Martin 'pisi' Paljak / freelancer consultant
pisi@pisitek.com / pisi.pisitek.com

On 24 Nov 2001, Karl M. Hegbloom wrote:

> >>>>> "Frank" == Frank Louwers <frank@student.rug.ac.be> writes:
>     Frank> On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 12:30:41AM +0200, Martin 'pisi' Paljak wrote:
>     >> Actually there is a very nice and nifty feature in apache 1.3.19+ (or was
>     >> it 20+) that allows an include filename to be a directory what will
>     >> include all directories and subdirs of the named direcotry, and load all
>     >> files in those dirs as config files. With some maintenance scripts it
>     >> allows very easy maintenance of virtual hosts (configuration...)
>     Frank> Only thing: remember NOT to leave temp/backup files in that directory,
>     Frank> as EVERY file is read as a config file...
>  That should be fixed.  I think it ought to ignore dot files, "~"
>  suffixed files, files that begin with "-" (so you can elide them
>  without moving them elsewhere), and files with a ".dpkg-*" suffix.
>  It should not descend a ".backup*/" directory created by emacs
>  either, in case someone is using backup directories.
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