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Re: virtual hosting methods

On Sun, Nov 25, 2001 at 12:30:41AM +0200, Martin 'pisi' Paljak wrote:
> Actually there is a very nice and nifty feature in apache 1.3.19+ (or was
> it 20+) that allows an include filename to be a directory what will
> include all directories and subdirs of the named direcotry, and load all
> files in those dirs as config files. With some maintenance scripts it
> allows very easy maintenance of virtual hosts (configuration...)

We use this setup and are very happy about it. I searched the apache
CVS trees, found the (rather small!) diff that implements this, and
backported it to the 1.3.9 that's in potato. Works like a charm.

Only thing: remember NOT to leave temp/backup files in that directory,
as EVERY file is read as a config file...

While on the vhosting subject: how do you guys handle the maximum open
file descriptor's limit in apache? Do you give every vhost two
separate logfiles or not? If you do, have you run into the maximum
file descriptors issue or not?



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