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Re: Debian firewall/router distro?

Jesse Goerz wrote:

... [boss] wanted to buy a Cobalt but I recommended we install a smoothwall machine instead. [...] Whatever I install I have to be able to convince him that he can semi-administer it if I'm not there.

Is there a debian-firewall/router distro similar in function to smoothwall?

Smoothwall is a handy, quick install, but I've been unimpressed with support. The web site espouses the many benefits of open source software, but the developer traffic on the user mailing list is largely "I won't ['add this feature'|'tell you how to use it'] unless someone pays me" (the usual expletives have been deleted). The lead developer repeatedly calling folks "fucking morons" just rubbed me the wrong way.[1] I took my experience from dinking with the Smoothwall install and reimplimented it myself with Woody, running 2.4.x,iptables and snort. Probably not managable by the boss in a pinch, but it turns out that it was damn easy to set up myself. (iptables rules are a cinch) I saw a glowing review for March Networks SME Server 5[2] (formerly e-Smith) in Linux Magazine this month. It purports to compete with the Cobalts of the world by providing an "appliance distribution" -- just the software to be installed on hardware of your choosing. The software install is free to download[3] and money is made by the ServiceLink[4] service which can take care of monitoring and updates. But, alas, not Debian as far as I can tell ...

[1] It should be noted that the users list -is- inundated with RTFM-solved questions, but attitude is attitude.
[2] http://www.e-smith.com/solutions/
[3] http://www.e-smith.org/downloads

[4] http://www.e-smith.com/solutions/servicelink.php

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