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Re: debian/cyclades .vs. cisco

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 16:28, John Hawley wrote:
> I just priced out a Cisco to handle multiple T1's for our Internet access.
> $15K+, ack!
> Just wondering.  Anyone have any experience using the Cyclades-PC300
> boards? I've already converted the my network services from M$ to
> Debian/Linux and have nothing against converting our router from Ci$co if
> Linux can match the stability.

Firstly I suggest reading and/or subscribing to the Portslave mailing list.


Cyclades people are on the list (but they keep a very low profile).  
Portslave is used on much Cyclades hardware including in the dedicated 
hardware boxes they sell.  There's many people there who can discuss the 
down-stream use of Cyclades products (E1 == 30 analog modems), and some 
people who can discuss the upstream use (E1 == 2Mb of net access).

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 17:01, Peter Billson wrote:
>   I don't have experience with the Cyclades boards but I use Sangoma
> (www.sangoma.com) cards in a POTS PIII box and it doesn't even register
> a load average saturating multiple T's and multiple NICS.

That is what you expect.  Sending a few megabits of data around isn't that 
difficult really.

>   Sangoma's support has been fantastic and the box has never failed to
> operate properly in over a year... for 10% of the cost of a Cisco.

Yes, Sangoma and Cyclades are among the good companies that release the 
source to all their drivers making it easier for us.

I installed an Emerging Technologies card for one of my clients (binary-only 
kernel module) and have really regretted it.  I wish the client had enough 
budget to allow them to throw away that ET junk and get a Sangoma.

>  We are currently working to get it running off of a CD-ROM so that we
> can eliminate the hard drive as a possible point of failure. Linux

Why do you expect a CD-ROM to be more reliable than a hard drive?

Why not just use software RAID on two hard drives?

Or if you want to be really advanced get a flash disk...

On Tue, 20 Nov 2001 17:20, Bao C. Ha wrote:
> I have used the Cyclades PC300.  They are pricey
> but good stuff.

By PC pricing standards Cyclades products are expensive.  They have a smaller 
market and they are server products.

Compare them to Cisco products etc and they seem quite cheap!

> What Cisco routers are you
> comparing against?  I need the CPU/memory that
> the low-end Ciscos, 2600/3600, don't make it.

There's lots of other issues when comparing a Cisco to a machine with a 
Cyclades card.  With a PC router you could easily put a web server to show 
stats on the router (instead of monitoring it by SNMP and doing the stats 
elsewhere).  With a PC you can easily expand it etc.  With a PC a buffer 
overflow doesn't necessarily mean the entire machine is dead (unlike Cisco 

Also PCs have lots of spare CPU power which is REALLY useful for running 
tcpdump type programs.

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