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Re: sourceforge and postgresql

When I do a dpk-reconfigure libpam-ldap and I set the root login =
cn=admin, dc=< ?????? > What do I put for dc?
If I am using debian.org as my ldap server location would I have
cn=admin, dc=debian, dc=com?
I am confused, after I configured the ldap again I got ldap_bind:
Invalid credentials which I guess means that I got the password wrong.
I went through and reconfigured everything to have an empty password,
and still I got the same thing.
Any ides?  I really want to get this to work, and I feel like I am so

I don't pretend to be a ldap expert but this is what worked for me.

I picked my host name as my root dn. So you should set dc=myhost, dc=mydomain, dc=com as your root DN. So anytime you need to specify the dc repeat that. cn=admin, dc=myhost, dc=mydomain, dc=com. If you keep consistent in your configurations you should be OK.

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