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Re: webalizer

Tilmann Holst wrote:
> Remco van de Meent [remco@vandemeent.net] wrote:
> > I'll make a new package available in the next few days and I'll put
> > it up for download on some debian.org machine. You won't find in
> > the potato archive however.

I just put them online: http://people.debian.org/~remco/
(source and binary webalizer_1.30.4-3.1)

Somebody please test and report :)  I still have no potato box around
for extensive testing, unfortunately.

> Is it possible to put it into "proposed-updates"?

It might even get included in Debian 2.2r4, I've been told.

:: Remco van de Meent
:: remco@vandemeent.net
:: http://remco.vandemeent.net/

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