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I am using Debian Stable with Webalizer V1.30-04 (Linux 2.2.12) English. I have several websites running on my server using Apache/1.3.9 (Unix), each site with its own config file. I have a cron to run: webalizer -c <config file> each half hour. On October 4th one of my sites got about 20,000 hits and now from the 5th on does not record any records. No daily stats, nothing. Apache is still recording the transfer logs, and I manually executed webalizer with the config files, and it runs through the correctly, but does not generate any NEW stats, nothing past the 4th.


Titan:/var/virtual/opensimpx/stats# /usr/bin/webalizer -c /etc/webalizer/opensimpx.org.conf
Webalizer V1.30-04 (Linux 2.2.12) English
Using logfile /var/log/apache/virtual/opensimpx/transfer.log
Creating output in /var/virtual/opensimpx/stats
Hostname for reports is 'www.opensimpx.org'
Reading history file... webalizer.hist
Reading previous run data.. webalizer.current
26 records (26 ignored) in 0.00 seconds

Are there any known bugs like this in webalizer?
Any thoughts?

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