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Re: Ethernet Card recommendation

[Wed, Sep 12, 2001 at 02:16:24AM -0400] Fraser Campbell :

> Frank Louwers <frank@student.rug.ac.be> writes:
> > I have about 5 dlinks i can hang with just a pingflood! 
> > I'll never buy dlink nics again!
> We use the D-Link 530TX
> they've worked flawlessly for us in many different environments.

Have  been using  a  couple of  D-Link  Digi-5500TX NICs.  They use  the
Davicom  chipset DM9102A  and are  buffered.   NIC cards  that have  Bus
Master mode are not so  easily hang-ed by ping-floods.  These particular
cards  are  cheap  and  are  very good/robust.   Opinion  based  on  low
performance of  a particular chip-set  should not be used  against other
products from a 'Particular Company' which use other chip-sets as well!!

It is  proven in  that you look  out for  NICs whose hardware  specs and
details have been opened up.  Anyway, Look before you Leap.... 

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