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Re: Ethernet Card recommendation

On Wed, Sep 12, 2001 at 02:16:24AM -0400, Fraser Campbell wrote:
> Frank Louwers <frank@student.rug.ac.be> writes:
> > > D-Link cant do constant load, they hang or just loose ability to talk to other
> > > hosts on the network.
> > 
> > I have about 5 dlinks i can hang with just a pingflood! I'll never buy
> > dlink nics again!
> We use the D-Link 530TX, it's a 4 port card based on the tulip chipset (21152
> to be exact) ... they've worked flawlessly for us in many different
> environments.

There are bugs confirmed (and workarounds for windows(!)) for the D-Link 530TX.

The problem i had was that the card only could handle about 12Mbits on each
port (constant load) while the machine was acting router (or whatever i tried).

If you pingflodded the machine with simply a 'ping -f' my cards didnt hang,
however.. if you increased the packetsize to like 512bits then the card died.

Our company brought a dosen of those cards, all got the same buggy chipset..

go to http://www.deja.com/usenet and search for 'dfe-530tx bug'.


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