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Re: VHost Question

On Sun, 9 Sep 2001 08:52, A.Sleep wrote:
> Hello all, I'm new to the list, the Geocrawler search (I'm being kind)
> provided null for this topic so I'm hoping someone may have an idea of how
> this is done:
> An associate of mine has is system setup so that a users public_html dir
> has (by default) two dirs. one www and one _ (linked to www).
> When that user adds another dir (say test) it becomes a subdomain of their
> domain.
> e.g. DEFAULT: www.theirdomain.com ADDED DIR (test): test.theirdomain.com
> I've been attempting this with mod_alias and mod_rewrite and I'm quite
> exasperated. :)

Use something like the following in the Apache httpd.conf file:
VirtualDocumentRoot /home/hosting/%-1/%-2/%-3/%-4+

Then use my logtools package for managing the logs (it has documentation 
explaining what to do).

Do a search for VirtualDocumentRoot and my name, I've posted more information 
on this topic previously.

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