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Re: asp visual basic on linux

Hey Matt,

Thursday, July 19, 2001, 4:48:13 PM, you wrote:

MF> Hello,
MF> I have some asp software that is written in visual basic.  All I have is 
MF> linux machines for servers and I do not want to get a windows machine just to 
MF> run this ASP application.  Is there a way were I could get this to work on a 
MF> apache and debian linux?
MF> I have seen Apache::ASP, but I believe that is just for ASP applications 
MF> written in perl.
MF> Ideas sugestions?
MF> Thanks,
MF> Matt

If you got some money to spend, there's chiliASP: http://www.chilisoft.com/chiliasp/linux.asp


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