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xfs, reiserfs, ext2 and sync directory updates

>>>>> "CS" == Craig Sanders <cas@taz.net.au> writes:
(quoting Russel Coker, all snipped sorry if snipped too much)
    RC> I haven't bothered investigating this in depth.  If one of my
    RC> servers crashes the possibility that one message may be lost is
    RC> really the least of my concerns (email client programs crash
    RC> far more often and lose much more mail).

    CS> me too.

Hmm.  I beg to differ.  I expect people I buy infrastructure from to 
care about not losing mail.  If the daemon 250's the DATA in the SMTP
conversation it should guard it with more than its life.  In an ideal

I do agree though very few typical ISP clients care about this and
partly as a result of that SMTP e-mail is far less reliable now than 
it used to be in early 90's.  

Data preservation is a good thing to shoot for.  I don't mean to offend
either of you and I think I do understand where you're coming from,
it just seemed an odd thing to have "me too" kind of agreements on. 



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