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Re: help with site+database

On Thu, 19 Jul 2001 12:34:05 +0200
Russell Coker <russell@coker.com.au> wrote:

> > I don't agree with this.  If you have a need and the budget for
> > Oracle, you most certainly will also be motivated to run it on a
> > supported platform.  I'd have put is differently:  make sure Postgres
> > cannot do what you want before using Oracle for serious apps.
> However there are other issues.  For example management purchases a few large 
> Solaris machines running Oracle.  As they are production machines they can't 
> be used for development.  Wanting to run a test setup on a Linux laptop isn't 
> an unlikely requirement...

hello, my few bytes on this subject:

I-ve been playing with oracle on debian, also few months ago (before the discovering of all the main features of postgresql) the main problems was:
	- install eats ~ 1Gb
	- one fresh db setup (data modeling without data inside) also eats another ~ 1Gb
	- and at least you need 512 of ram for a minimal performance
	- the gui install is a nice java one... the good work was the portability over systems for the maintaners itselfs... bad work was the need of a real hack if you are on a newest glibc http://legart.dk/?view=oracle
	- in addition, dbstart contained an stupid bug http://www.oralinux.com/common/bugs.html#dbstart
	- what was completely impossible for me was the compilation of php4 with oci8 support on debian ( big problem on linking libraries )

by now postgresql has a lot of do over oracle, including commercial support:
	- pgaccess as a cool gui when your sister or coworker has to insert data into.
	- there-s a first attempt for replication http://www.erserver.com/
	- you can insert any binary file into it (large objects)
	- full php, java, python, perl, c, c++ support
	- full install disk space ridiculous!
	- you can have a minimal performance with 64 of ram!

maybe if someone wanted to create a site with one database, no big tablespaces, lot of simple selects and few inserts, mysql could be the faster solution, but for the rest postgresql should do the big trick!

further reading:

best from barcelona!

Jaume Teixi
  6TEMS - Ducform, SA

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