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not debian specific: strange routing using 3 lines


I have a question concerning routing under Linux. It is not Debian 
specific, but maybe some people here can give me a hint... :)

I run an NAT server with Linux (Slackware) Kernel 2.2.17.
I have 3 ADSL-lines attached to the machine.
The default route is set to Line 1, some subnets are set to line 2 and 3 to 
balance the traffic a bit (i.e. to line 2 and to 
line 3).

Now I have the situation that the default line is still too busy, but most 
traffic is going to the networks which point to line 2 and 3.
I checked the routing on that machine using traceroute to trace some ips in 
these subnets.
For example in which pionts to line 2, still some destination 
ips are routed to the default line. Others in the same network are routed 
correctly. The same situation for the other subnet on line 3. Some packets 
are routed correctly depending on their destination ip, others are not.

I thought maybe the kernel stored the wrong route in the internal routing 
table and then just kept it, so I flushed it by 
echo 1 > /proc/sys/net/ipv4/route/flush

but still no changes. can someone give me a hint?


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