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Re: Virtual Hosting and the FHS

On Thu, 12 Jul 2001 17:00, Haim Dimermanas wrote:
>  My research showed that web hosting customers don't look at their stats
> every day. Even if they did, your stats are generated daily. Having the
> logs in a database allows you to generate the stats on the fly. Now with a
> simple caching system that keeps the stats until midnight, you can save
> yourself a lot of machine power.

Running webalizer doesn't seem to take that much machine power etc as long as 
the machine has enough RAM etc.  When webalizer is using an amount of memory 
that approaches the system RAM then things get pretty bad (it's memory 
accesses seem quite random/linear and it thrashes totally).  When you do a 
first-pass to do the DNS (or turn off DNS) things can go fairly quickly.

I haven't had a chance to test my method on 15K vhosts though...

> > i have figured out how to have just one log file open per httpd - a
> > named pipe to a splitter script, which writes to the real log files.
>  Sounds good.

The problem with that comes when you have multiple web server machines.

I set things up with logging to a single file.  Then for multiple machines 
it's easy to use ssh to get the logs from each machine and merge them into a 
single log file.

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