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sshd rejecting logins

I'm running a potato box with some custom compiled stuff on it (one of
which is openssh).  I have openssh 2.5.1p2 and openssl 0.9.6.
Everything was working fine for quite a while.  I did an apt-get
upgrade to pick up some security updates a little while back and ssh
quit working.

What I mean is that one of my userids can ssh in (id 501) and none of
the others can (not root or any other 500+ userids).  I can
ftp/telnet/pop into the box with the other userids.  What happens with
ssh is I get a "Permision denied." message to the client.  This is
with password prompting only.  When I try it with keys it works fine.
Here's what shows up in my auth.log:

Jul  9 02:40:17 velma sshd[17435]: Failed password for ROOT from xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx port 2304

(granted this example is for root access.  i know that the sshd_config
has PermitRoot set to yes.  Also, the same thing happens for non-root

I've tried running sshd in debugging mode as well.  It doesn't give me
any good information.  Bascially, it just says that the password was
wrong (which makes me suspect pam).  I'm guessing this is a pam
configuration problem, but can't find any pam files that were updated
recently.  The strangest thing is how one of the users can ssh in
using a password prompt and none of the others can.
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