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Re: users bypassing shaper limitation

One possible way to defeat this would be to use those metal "security
chains" that they use to keep people from carrying off computers.  Use a
very short one, about 2" long.  Affix one side to the computer case, and the
other to the ethernet cable.  Now, even this can be overcome if the crafty
hacker should bring an extension cable with them.

But there is still one method that will prevent anyone from stealing cable
ports.  Enclose the CPU case in an outer steel case.  That way the cable
head isn't accessible to anyone, hence, they can't unplug it.  The only way
to defeat that lockup is to physically cut the cable and attach a new jack
head.  But if you need that kind of security, you're in sad shape. :)  Do
they make steel braided ethernet cables? :P

At 03:07 PM 7/3/01 +0200, Holger Lubitz wrote:
>Jeff S Wheeler proclaimed:
>> cards around.  If I do not, they will grumble and/or disable the ethernet
>> ports that unknown MAC addresses appear on.  In some areas (e.g. student
>> labs) they do that automatically so kids can't just bring their laptop in
>> and hop on napster at 100Mbit.
>Easy. Disconnect any machine, set your MAC/IP-addresses to its
>addresses, connect your laptop.
>Don't know its addresses? Just sniff around on the port for a while, but
>make sure you keep quiet.

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