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Re: disk partition schemes

On Wed, 4 Jul 2001 00:26, Christian Hammers wrote:
> > If your root file system is at the start then it is unlikely to be
> > large enough to break any boot loaders.  Recent boot loaders are very
> > capable...
> fill it up to more than 512MB (was it that number?) and then compile a
> new kernel years later and it will be after that magical border ans
> thus unaccessable.

All recent versions of LILO support >1024 cylinders and >512M.  They 
should work with >8G but I haven't tested it.

I've got a machine with the first 2G of disk taken by Windows and LILO 
works fine with /boot on starting 2G into the disk.

> > > * /var, as used for logs, can fill up completely if a program
> > > get mad and prevent other programs than just syslogd from working
> > > if it's on /
> >
> > chgrp log /var/log/*log
> > Set quota for log group.  Problem solved?
> I would assume that disc quota increase the load on a server. As we're
> talking about a heavily loaded server wich much disc IO (else this
> partitioning is not necessary) this would slowdown it, or not?

When a file owned by the user/group in question is open the quota entry 
will remain in memory, so it will only involve a few CPU cycles for block 
allocation.  If disk IO is the bottleneck then quotas won't slow things 
down noticably.  There will be some extra writes for updating the quotas 
but that won't have a significant impact.

I may have to do some benchmarks of this...

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