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Re: What type of UPS for a Debian-Server

RJ wrote:
> What type of UPS is OK for a Debian i386 Server?
> What about the APC --- is there any special software?

  I use APC Back-UPS 650 which will keep two PIII 650 (each with 2 HDs,
4 Fans, no monitor) humming for about 45 minutes... plenty of time for
the generator to kick in.. with genpowerd as the software. Genpowerd
comes well documented.

  The APC Back-UPS are not directly supported by genpowerd because the
cables pin outs are a bit different then anything supported by the
package but this is *very* easy to change in the source. I'd be glad to
send you the pin outs if you go with this particular unit otherwise
genpowerd come with a tool to help you figure it out on your own.

  The Back-UPS is a "dumb" ups. It only tells when power fails/restores
and allows you to shut down the ups. A smart ups will tell you bunches
of info like battery charge state, current draw, current P/E of

  There are also the packages apcupsd and apcd which handles a number of
APC ups.


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