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Re: Auto 10/100Mb card fallback from 100 to 10 on 100Mb network

"Jason Lim" <maillist@jasonlim.com> writes:

> Please... ANY suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated.

If you wanted to eliminate all possibilities, put one of your potato
boxes on the same cable as the "bad" box.  That would make sure you
don't have some odd cabling/bad port on the switch.

Assuming that comes back OK, do a diff on the /etc/init.d directories
of your "bad" box and your "good" box.  Also note that your
explaination of why it wasn't a kernel issue is a little weak.  It
seems link the kernel just detecting the device wouldn't cause a
re-negotiation.  However, activating it might.  The card isn't
activated until the networking script calls "ifup".

BTW, I assume you are talking about the rtl8139?  My cheap D-Link
cards use the same chipset.  However, the dirver supplied with the
2.2.x kernel didn't work with it.  Oddly enough, D-Link shipped an
updated version of the rtl8139 on a floppy with their NIC.  I'm
running version 1.08.  Here's the link to Donald Becker's site for the
driver: http://www.scyld.com/network/rtl8139.html.  Looks like the
latest version is 1.13.
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