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Re: schema for NSS LDAP with not all accounts active

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, (Sami Haahtinen) wrote:
> > > Anyway, thanks for this solution, I will incorporate this in my existing
> > > configuration as well
> i'm currently implementing filter attribute for pam_ldap, which would allow you
> to add a custom filter for your pam module (filter=(service=telnet) would be
> quite effective..

Nice, but AFAIR the `service' attribute isn't standard. Did you use a
special objectClass?

> > 1. Can I have a multiple `uid' attributes in one LDAP record?
> yes you can. the schema allows multiple uids, how it works is another thing =)

It works pretty well. My users can login to FTP server with system uid
(i.e. `user8367') and easly to remeber uid (i.e. `user@domain.com'). 

> > http://ldapnstools.sourceforge.net
> is this something like the MigrationTools from PADL?

Not exactly, because it converts only user database and provides a
replacement for standard tools from shadow package (useradd, chsh, passwd,

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