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Re: schema for NSS LDAP with not all accounts active

On Fri, 30 Mar 2001, Alexander Reelsen wrote:
> Well, at least that's an solution. However I don't like it too much, to
> have a whole bunch of config files lying around. If I find the time
> (imagine the if written in real big letters), I will try to implement this
> in pam_ldap, where it belongs (IMHO).
> Anyway, thanks for this solution, I will incorporate this in my existing
> configuration as well

Ha, I have the same problem already. My questions:
1. Can I have a multiple `uid' attributes in one LDAP record?
2. Which attribute describes the services available for user?

BTW, I started a small project on SourceForge,

It could be interesting for anyone who want easly migrate from /etc/passwd
to LDAP.

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