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Re: "kickstart" for debian needed

Hi there,

> > Most (of our) engineers are not linux-compliant.
> > Need centralized login, (can't use NIS+, we've already got a NIS+ system
> > for Solaris... don't wanna confuse the issue,)
> You might like to look into using LDAP for this.  Another alternitive is
> using an SQL database.  This issue is pretty flexiable considering there
> are many PAM modules and quite a few Name Service (libnss) modules.

I fail to see why you can't use NIS!? You can bind to different domains so
just run your 30 debians under their own NIS domain and you can cross exist
no problem. If you even maybe host the NIS Servers on the same machine I could
think of some very nice perl scripts to cross import data between them if you
need same userids but different services for ex. We had a similar setting
at the university of salzburg which worked very well.

- Just my 0.02, Peter
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