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Re: secure remote backup

Matt Fair wrote:
> I have 20/40 gig tape backup.  I would like to backup my LAN and my
> remote web server with the same tape drive.
> Is there a way to backup the web server securely?
> SSH?
> Matt

  We use rsync (http://rsync.samba.org) to do the job. 

  We currently rsync all other machines to an admin. machine's HD then
use bru (http://www.bru.com) to backup the admin. machine to a tape
drive installed in the admin. machine.
  The HD step makes it easier for us to restore single files (i.e. "I
accidentally deleted a png from my Web site, can you guys help?") but
you could skip it.

  As a note of what *not* to use: I just finished setting up a couple
servers for a client and they insisted on using ARCserve by Computer
Associates (http://www.ca.com) which allows backups using a
server/client scenario. IMHO the software is junk, tech support is not
clueful and they use a proprietary SCSI driver that doesn't support
2.4.x. You have been warned! :-)


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