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Debian source: GRE-patched traceroute_1.4a12

This is the GRE(PPTP) patch from 


hacked into traceroute_1.4a12 from unstable (builds happily on stable).

The .dsc and .diff.gz are at


(you'll need traceroute_1.4a12.orig.tar.gz from a Debian mirror plus the 
usual tools to build the .deb).


GRE (PPTP) patched traceroute.

This version of traceroute incorporates a patch to provide an option to
use GRE packets (with PPTP-like payload).

This functionality is useful for debugging internetworking that has the
dubious feature of blocking GRE packets, and thus breaking GRE tunneling
such as used by PPTP.

The original patch is at:


It was hacked into the Debian package traceroute_1.4a12-3 by Neale
Banks <neale@lowendale.com.au>

IMPORTANT: Please do not worry Herbert Xu (maintainer of the official
Debian traceroute package) about this hacked package.

Neale Banks <neale@lowendale.com.au>
March 2001

As goes with this kind of thing: no warranties of any kind (express,
implied or otherwise) - this is offered in the hopes that (a) somebody
might find it useful and (b) somebody might find something I've


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