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Re: Changing servers

At 3/21/01 03:34 AM, Steve wrote:

>The current server runs sendmail and the replacement is
>running postfix. What I would like to do at the changeover
>is to get sendmail to automatically relay any incoming
>mail over to the new machine based on it's IP and let
>the new machine handle distribution. Is there an easy
>way to do this with sendmail?

 From sendmail.cf:

# who gets all local email traffic ($R has precedence for unqualified names)

This causes any mail that comes into this box to be passed on to
hurricane.home.lan for local delivery.  I do this on my home network
so that I only have one central mailserver.  The gateway machines
(as well as all the other UNIX/Linux machines) forward any incoming
mail on to hurricane.



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