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php cgi

I'm trying to use PHP4.03pl1 as CGI for security reasons (it works as apache
module already)

When I start a php script (first row is #!/usr/bin/php) from the commandline
it works well, but when I call it in browser as cgi it fails with Internal
server error. I was trying to find out what is happening and ended up with

other cgi works well, i mean perl and shell scripts
commandline php works well, outputing the right headers
when I intentionaly make a mistake in php skript an error message apeares in
php error log
when i invoke such script in browser no error message apear so I think the
php is not executed
just a standard error message in apache error log "premature end of script
php and script are world executable

how can I find out what is wrong?

Martin Dragun

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