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Re: make machine

Neale Banks wrote:

On Sun, 18 Mar 2001, Duane Powers wrote:

I need to make some serious changes to my kernels, on various servers at my location, I have everything from 486's up to 1.2Gig boxes, so rather than compiling on the cpu and RAM-challenged boxes, I'd like to make kernels on one of my more powerful boxes. What do I need to be aware of when doing this? Anything? Do I need to copy anything other than the bzImage and system map? If I compile for module support, what do I need to move to the
target machine?

Take a look at the kernel-package package.  After you have done your "make
menuconfig" (or equivalent) you can use "make-kpkg [options] kernel-image"
to make a .deb of your kernel - and we can all do "dpkg -i ..." ;-)

One of the thorniest issues is naming of package versions - read the
kernel-package docs regarding this.


Thanks, I'll try that


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