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Unstable server

I am running an server (PIII 650Mhz, IDE on-board controller single disk, 
256Megs of Ram) with Debian Potato. 
Serving webpages via apache, mysql and interbase and running a bit samba too.
However, the server has been quite unstable lately.
What happends is that the system suddenly has used all memory, and therefore
in turn dies with those awfull messages on the console. But the weirdest
thing, was when it restartet itself, with an broken ext2 partition... kernel
oops/panics don't reboot unless you set the timeout specific (or am I

Furthermore apache sometimes starts maximal allowed number of processes and
won't close them again (30 processes), I don't beleive I have that many

Currently I'm running kernel 2.4.2 ("upgraded" to 2.4.2 to try to see if the
problem was fixed)

Any suggestion to what I might be doing wrong? Or if it's crappy hardware?
I must have missed something important somewhere on the system;)

Paul Fleischer / ProGuy

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