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Re: IP Block Management Database

To Robert:

You most likely won't any specific software that's made just for that.(I
could be wrong) However if you have any perl or php hackers, a simple
web interface could be made using a flat file/ mySQL back end, in a very
short amount of time. 


Who is John Galt?

"Robert V. MacQuarrie" wrote:
> Hey everyone,
> We are currently storing all our IP blocks in an excel spreadsheet which
> we do update and keep maintained to the best of our ability. Problem is
> that after a number of years we have discovered we still have blocks
> documented and set aside to clients we no longer have.
> I've been asked to find a new/better way of keeping track of our IPs and
> to check if there is currently any software thats already setup for this
> purpose. The software would be required to be remotely managed
> (webbased) as there are a number of employees who would be updating it
> from time to time.
> What do others use to maintain an orderly database if their IP blocks and
> where they point? Any information, links or comments would be appreciated!
> Thanks
> Robert
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