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Re: transfering amongst partitions

"David Bishop" <david@bishop.dhs.org> writes:

> First, I don't know of a safe way to transfer all of those files.  I've tried
> to use tar in the past, but had permision issues (things ended up being owned
> by root).  I could use dd, but that's a block-by-block transfer, right?  So

I usually use cp -ax to copy parititons, that has never caused me problems.
tar with the -p option is pretty safe as well.

> Oh, and how do I boot up afterwards?  I forgot to mention that there is no
> floppy disk available, so I can't just boot off of a rescue floppy and rerun
> lilo when everything is schootched around.  

A $20 floppy drive will fix that.

> P.S. Of course this box is running some web services so it can't be down for
> longer than about 1/2 hour.  Just making things easy on me B-)

Ahh, wondered why this was an ISP question, you're really likely to get more
answers on debian-user.  Anyway ...

Do you really need the space, where?  Sounds like you're using the one big
root partitioning scheme.  Split /tmp into it's own partition (64 MB is
likely enough) ... if this really is a critical machine and you really need
the extra space then just format and mount the space somwhere and create
links into it as need from other locations. 


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