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Re: Official CD

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 05:30:06PM -0600, Y2KNET wrote:
> I am trying to make Debian Official CD and followed all
> the instructions and successfully rsync the iso image.
> I also loaded boot.exe file and other files on the CD, but
> it does not boot up and by-pass the CD ROM.

I do know know this boot.exe file, but AFAIK the cd images you can download
from the debian website are perfectly bootable, I myself have dont this
more then once successfully.

> Is there any source where I can find the step by step instructions 
> after successfull rsync,to load the boot programs on the CD.

AFAIK it just rsync/ftp/whatever the iso's over to you, burn the iso's with
any program capable of burning ISO's and move the coaster over to another
system and then hit the reset button to abolish yet another NT box to
install debian on it

> Any help will be extremely appreciated.
> Thanks.
> Vaqar Ahmed

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