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DNS Configuration doubt

Hi all,

I will be a maintainer of a domain (domain.es), that currently is maintained
by another ISP with this own DNS servers, and my problem is that I don't know
who can configure the Bind (If it's a Bind configuration problem) to resolve the
ip of domain.com (for example for POP3 accounts that have the POP3 and SMTP
servers as domain.es and not mailhost.domain.es or something like that....

The nslookup session of the previous server is:

	darlock@darlock:~$ nslookup domain.es
	Server:  fileserver.intranet.int

	Non-authoritative answer:
	Name:    domain.es

And with my bind configuration I get:

	amianto:~# nslookup dhu.es
	Server:  localhost

	*** localhost can't find domain.es: Non-existent host/domain

I have configured the Bind with the WKS entries to allow to resolve specific
ports of the general domain to hosts, but a 'generic' entry can't be done....

Its a problem with the EsNic (That manage the 'es' primary domain)?

Or exist any trick to resolve the domain as a host?


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