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Re: virtual pop login

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, Matt Fair wrote:

> Has anyone gotten virtual email working with linuxconf and sendmail?
> My system is set up to sort out the virtual emails, but I cannot log in
> to the system with the virtual user.
> Each domain has a passwd file, so it looks like when I login, it doesn't
> look in those files.
> When a user logs in to check their email I would like to have it check
> /etc/passwd and /etc/aliases, and  if the user/password isn't in their
> it will look in the /etc/vmail/passwd.VIRTUALHOST  and
> /etc/vmail/aliases.VIRTUALHOST files.

This sounds interesting. When you say "login" do you mean by ssh or
telnet, for example?

I am curious, how does the server (or login program) know which passwd
files to use?

Is this with PAM?

I am guessing, but maybe these "/etc/vmail/ users are mail-only users;
maybe they are not real Unix users (no UID), so they can't log in.

  Jeremy C. Reed
     BSD software, documentation, resources, news...

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