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POP3 and SMTP server for an ISP


I'm just started a great project of changing my mailing system due to some
security and managing reasons.

Right now I use exim+cucipop and my users added to /etc/passwd with shell
/bin/false. Exim has been configured for supporting virtual domains and
what's more it only delivers any message, if an alias is added to the user
(so adding a user simply makes no affect).
First I planned to keep on using exim with expanding the managing funtctions
by integrating MySQL, but because of some security reasons I give it up.

So by now I'm thinking about the installation of qmail+MySQL. The usage of
MySQL would extremly important for me, actually I tried to find an MTA
supporting MySQL.

Would anybody so kind to give me advises about creating a mail system
(pop3+smtp) hopefully based on MySQL?
I'd so graceful if you only say something about your mailing system (if you
have 4-5000 users), that's no problem if you have no MySQL.


Mihaly Litzler

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