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ipchains help

Hello everybody,

 I run a very small office network connected to the Internet by a
 Debian station. The Debian stores the mail and offer web access using
 squid as a proxy server (no masquerading).
 Inside my network I use private addresses 192.168.1.x .
 For the security reasons I want to block POP3 access from outside.
 I tried something like:

 #ipchains -A input -p tcp -s ! --dport 110 -j DENY

 ... but without any luck.

 Could somebody please give me a hint ?

Best regards,
   Minta Adrian - YO3GIH                 phone: +401.683.66.52
 mailto:adrianminta@yahoo.com    http://www.csit-sun.pub.ro/~gygy/

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