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upgrading from slink to potato

I upgraded several machines from slink to potato before Debian 2.2 was
released. Usually, I upgraded apt to a newer version, changed the
sources.list to point to potato (or unstable), did "apt-get update", then
"apt-get dist-upgrade", and then answered questions for 30+ minutes while
it upgraded my system.

My problems now:

I can't find a newer version of apt for slink -- but maybe this doesn't
matter anymore. (I have apt 0.1.9. If I use the latest then it needs newer
potato dependencies.)

When I run "apt-get dist-upgrade" it says:
  The following packages will be REMOVED:

It seems like I heard that apt was being deprecated; can anyone point me
to the documentation for upgrading an old slink to new potato which I am
guessing doesn't use apt anymore?


Jeremy C. Reed

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