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Re: Dial-on-demand only works once for a client of the linux-PC

Hello Piet 

On 1 Dec 2000, at 13:29, Piet Knoester wrote:

> A reboot of the linux router gives the windows98-pc again exactly
> one possible activation of the dial-on-demand function on it. 
> I have struggled for a week now and also taken another Compaq and
> thus a new install but ....  same problem. Can anyone give me a
> hint 

I have had a similar problem using "isdn-utils" and "diald" in 
combination.  My problem was some scripts that the isdn-utils 
package installed in the /etc/ppp/ip-up/ and /etc/ppp/ip-down/ 
directories.  These messed up the routes after the first call had 
been placed.

Have fun!


Ian Forbes ZSD
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