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Dial-on-demand only works once for a client of the linux-PC

Compaq Deskrpo 2000 - 32 MB - Eicon Diva PCI - Intel Ethernet 100 Pro
Debian 2.2 - Ipchains - Isdnutils

In at test now, with dynamic ip.

After the boot of both the linux router and a connected windows98-pc a start of Netscape on the windows98-pc causes a dial-on-demand to my isp. Ipchains -L -n  shows an activated "chain" . After the idle time the connection is terminated and the "chain" is gone. Everything fine up till now.

A new start of Netscape on the windows98-pc (!) now doesn't bring up the line on the linux router to the isp anymore. I can however ping the linux router from the windows98-pc, and reverse. 
If I then on the linux router itself bring up the line to the isp by for instance a ping, the windows98-pc can travel along to the internet.

A reboot of the linux router gives the windows98-pc again exactly one possible activation of the dial-on-demand function on it.

I have struggled for a week now and also taken another Compaq and thus a new install but ....  same problem. Can anyone give me a hint 

This router is supposed to be our new Lan router (with static ip) to the internet.

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