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Re: resource limits

Hello Jeremy,

Friday, November 03, 2000, 3:09:35 AM, you wrote:

JCR> What is an easy way to find out how much of certain resources I am using?

JCR> In particular, how can I easily find out the following in use by the shell
JCR> and the processes started by it?

JCR> - the total size of all process's data segments
JCR> - total resident memory size
JCR> - the number of file descriptors I have in use (open files)
JCR> - the total stack size I have in use
JCR> - total CPU time in seconds
JCR> - total number of processes (per this session)
JCR> - total amount of virtual memory used by the shell

JCR> Does the "maximum resident set size" limit for all processes or just one
JCR> process? If for all, then how can I easily find out?

JCR> What does "pipe size" mean? How can I know how much I am using?

JCR> How do sh/bash ulimits or csh limits correlate with
JCR> /etc/security/limits.conf, /etc/limits, /etc/login.defs (ULIMIT) or
JCR> BSD-type login.conf session resource limits settings?

JCR> Does anyone have any answers to any of these questions?

JCR> Thanks

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JCR>   http://bsd.reedmedia.net/

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Try the following kernel patch:
It helped me in such a situation.

 Ivan                            mailto:skywriter@rnc.ru

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