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It's not a bug anywhere, the standards just changed and not everything
changed with them ;)

The radiusd daemon will check /etc/services to see where it shoudl answer
for.  If you checked you would see that all of your client boxes are set
to talk to the server on the 1645/1646 ports.

You can either be *really* careful not to let /etc/services get overwriten
anytime in the future, or you can mass-upgrade all your clients to the new
ports (most NAS boxes will let you modify that).


p.s.  apt-get dist-upgrade in the middle of the evening at a really busy
ISP and letting the /etc/services get overwritten taught me this.  Evil.

On 29 Oct 2000, Fraser Campbell wrote:

> I just upgraded a slink server to potato and had some problems with the
> radius server.  On slink I had hand-compiled my own radius server from
> livingston 2.0.1 source code.  Wanting to avoid future headaches I 
> decided to upgrade to cistron radiusd.
> During the dist-upgrade I told dpkg to overwrite my /etc/services file,
> /etc/services has these entries that seem to relate to radius:
> datametrics             1645/tcp
> datametrics             1645/udp
> sa-msg-port             1646/tcp
> sa-msg-port             1646/udp
> radius                  1812/tcp
> radius	                1812/udp
> radacct                 1813/tcp
> radacct                 1813/udp 
> Until I commented the above lines, and replaced them with those below,
> my terminal servers (Livingston Portmasters) refused to communicate 
> with the new radiusd.
> radius                  1645/tcp
> radius                  1645/udp
> raddacct                1646/tcp
> raddacct                1646/udp
> After thinking about it, I'm pretty sure that I had to change these
> entries for slink as well.  Is this a bug in cistron radiusd, a bug
> in my portmasters or a bug in /etc/services (netbase)?
> Thanks!
> Fraser
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