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Re: IMAP aware biff

On 2000-10-12 22:58, Fraser Campbell wrote:
>Hi all,
>Is there an IMAP aware biff or can someone think up a relatively easy way
>to get the same functionality.  I'm finding lots of X biffs but hardly any
>that are strictly console based ... and so far exactly zero that are both
>IMAP aware and console based.
>C would be my language of preference since I want to run this on both AIX
>(4.2) and Linux.

Here is some text from section 7 of RFC 2060 on IMAP:
   An example of unilateral untagged server data occurs when the IMAP
   connection is in selected state.  In selected state, the server
   checks the mailbox for new messages as part of command execution.
   Normally, this is part of the execution of every command; hence, a
   NOOP command suffices to check for new messages.  If new messages are
   found, the server sends untagged EXISTS and RECENT responses
   reflecting the new size of the mailbox.  Server implementations that
   offer multiple simultaneous access to the same mailbox SHOULD also
   send appropriate unilateral untagged FETCH and EXPUNGE responses if
   another agent changes the state of any message flags or expunges any

So I logged into my courier-imap server on my Debian box, I used the "SELECT" 
command to select the inbox, and I sent myself an email through Postfix to my 
Maildir storage.  I noticed it there with "ls", but 6 minutes later Courier 
still hasn't sent me an EXISTS or RECENT response.
If Courier sent the RECENT or EXISTS responses then it would be trivial to 
write a biff program (I might even do it myself as I could use such a 

I have CC'd the maintainer of the courier-imap package.

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