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Selectign best Web Server to serve a Browser Client

Any tools, techniques or tips, to help select the optimum web server network
to serve a client browser.  http://www.solidspeed.net/solution/index.html
claim to do this, with their web caching service.

Ideally the selection would not require the site user to do anything, it
should just happen.  It would actually be end to end speed, rather than hop
based (things can go wrong, the net has bad hair days ;) ).

CPAN used to do it, using IIRC an fping idea, but obviously these days ICMP
is a non starter, they let the user select themselves now.

I'm looking at spreading a web site, with replicated servers, and it helps
if I can distribute it effectively, as the bandwidth would effectively be
free, as the contention is all going the over way.  I've found hosting it at
one centre is fine up to a point, but as it's images, sports pics, there's
no point in adding more servers into the LAN at the main UK net
hub/switching centre.

Again, from some networks, access to other nets is poor, others good,
depending on the AS's and gateways crossed.  Unfortunately in the UK, some
providers are having congestion problems.  To attempt to handle this
adminstratively with static tables would be a nightmare.

I thought about some ways of attempting this roughly, perhaps using BGP and
tables for instance, to select a server, I suspect Hotmail.Com do this.
Have one or two other ideas, but surely others have faced this problem to?



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