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Re[2]: nat

  I wasnt talking about servers, I was talking about for the end user.

Kevin  -  cog@iwz.com


> On Fri, 6 Oct 2000, Kevin wrote:
>>   I was wondering if anyone can tell me sort of problems I would have
>>   if I assigned internal ips to our customers and used ipmasq.
>>   Basically I don't want to do this, but I need some sort of firepower
>>   to persuade my boss that he doesn't want it either.  Any
>>   info/link/short coming of age stories would be greatly appreciated.

> I think it's great to use Internal IPs.  It makes security and scalability
> (clustering load balancing) a little easier.  I've deployed http, dns,
> smtp, ssh, imap, simap, pop3, etc. using the combination of NAT, port
> forwarding, ipchains and private addresses ... no problem.  It's slightly
> more pain up front but worth the long term gain I think.

> Fraser

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