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Re: nat

>   if I assigned internal ips to our customers and used ipmasq.
 tcp/ip was designed based on idea that one ip means one network
interface, various problems arises with introduction of NAT 
 - things like gnutella and napster don't work very well from behind NAT,
  there are problems with x-client <-> x-server communication, etc, etc,
  other things connected with protocol problems - identd is no longer
  usable, although you can set up identd so it identifies usernames based
  on their internal ip.
 - other class of problems is based on this that all your clients come
with single IP, and have to take responsibility for actions of your other
clients ( in my case this means things like people getting their ip
k-lined by irc-servers and thus all the rest of my customers being unable
to get to irc )

but basically simple email/webrowser/icq/etc users are quite happy with
NAT, troublemakers are students/hackers and people who generally don't
really know what they want.

regards, Eyck

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